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She’d be pickled if she drank that much.

Last week, it was reported that Queen Elizabeth drinks four cocktails a day….and sometimes three of those are enjoyed before lunch time!

On July 31, Business Insider reported that “Not only does [Queen Elizabeth II] have staying power on the throne, but the 91-year-old can also hold her liquor.”  Despite her busy schedule, the monarch always has time for a cocktail—four per day, to be precise.

Reports stated what the Queen eats and drinks per day, and her drinking regimen is seriously impressive. Before lunch, she enjoys a gin and Dubonnet cocktail with lemon and ice.  The Independent reports that she enjoys a glass of wine at lunch alongside her food, which is usually healthy and simple—but also includes a piece of chocolate for dessert.

In the evenings, the Queen has a dry martini, though no word on whether she prefers it shaken or stirred. And she finishes her day with a glass of Champagne, often from brands like Bollinger, Lanson, and King.

The Queen’s cousin, Margaret Rhodes, told The Independent her drink preferences never change. But other liquor brands are on offer at Buckingham Palace.  It’s been noted that there are royal warrants (marks of recognition that mean the Queen has ordered the product over the last five years) for Gordon’s gin, Pimm’s, Bacardi, and Bulmers cider.  Also, the Queen apparently doesn’t drink beer.  She recently turned down a pint of Guinness while touring the factory in Dublin.

But wait!  Days later these reports were updated because apparently the Queen doesn’t “quaff as many cocktails” as originally reported.  Former royal chef Darren McGrady told CNN that the monarch doesn’t drink four cocktails every single day. “She’d be pickled if she drank that much,” he said. “All I said was she likes a gin and Dubonnet. That’s her favorite drink.”

Mr. McGrady blamed the “silly stories” in the press on journalists not understanding his accent. According to McGrady, she doesn’t even have wine with dinner every day, just every once in a while.  (But this doesn’t explain the Queen’s cousin’s previous comments about her unchanging cocktail regimen.)  Though the thought of a party-loving royal seems like a storyline perfect for The Crown, this seems a lot more realistic.

The blurb by Mr. McGrady about the press not understanding his accent seems a bit fake-newsy to me.  But if the Queen wants to drink four or more cocktails a day, especially at 91 years old, long live the Queen!


2 thoughts on “Imbibing the 60 Blog

  1. Ahhh…maybe the secret, as you say, to her longevity. Being pretty much a teetotaler, and always the designated driver, I cannot comment. I have been around people who act like fools from overdrinking, been the receiver of someone in a car with me throwing up all over me from drinking way too much (oh that was fun!). Years ago while working at my first law firm, there was a secretary there who I saw in the ladies room one morning. She was wearing the same dress as yesterday, same makeup, but nylons in horrible disarray, hair a mess and all matted, and she couldn’t remember anything, but reeked of alcohol. I vowed that would NEVER happen to me. My friend Kim and I used to share an office with a young man who worked with Kim in Accounting. Every Monday he’d tell us limitless stories of parties he went to Friday and Saturdays nights, and spent all day Sunday being “sick” from it. Not being able to function. And constantly asked Kim and I how on earth we ever enjoyed our weekends without drinking. He couldn’t understand going to a party where we played board games, or going bowling or roller skating. All without drinking! Have mercy.

    However, I do have one drinking story. Before getting married I bowled on three leagues a week. Thursday night was the busiest as I bowled on a league at 6:00, three miles away from another bowling alley I bowled on at 9:00, with my dad and three other people. He would always have everything ready for me, and he always paid for me, bless his heart. Sometimes if the 6:00 league went over I’d arrive just as it was my turn! Anyway, the week before Dale and I got married, one of the guys on the league, Joe, bought me a wedding present of a Singapore Sling. He had no idea I didn’t drink, because more people drink while bowling than those who don’t. It tasted absolutely horrible! But I drank about half of it. And you know what? I bowled the best three games of my bowling life at that point. A 166, 188 and a 195, and won a trophy that night for women’s high series!

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    • See? Alcohol can be helpful! Back in the 80s, I worked at a law firm where we enjoyed firm happy hours on Fridays. Our night word processor would enjoy a few drinks and then return to work. She did her best work on Friday nights!


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