Commemorating the 60 Blog

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Sometimes I forget to say hi.  Sometimes I even miss to reply.  Sometimes my message doesn’t reach you.  But it doesn’t mean that I forget you.  I’m just giving you time to miss me.

Today, I’m celebrating my tercentenary.  What’s that, you ask?  The anniversary of my 300th blog post.  #waitwhat

I started writing this blog back in the fall of 2016.  Pre-presidential election.  Pre-60th birthday.  Pre-current job.  Reveling (or was I wallowing?) in unemployment.  Pre-blogging mentor.  (Shout out to Steph!)  I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.  Now?  Maybe I know what I’m doing, yet I’m more loquacious about it.

I’ve been introduced the world of blogging.  Some of my colleagues have e-books and products to sell.  Some write beautifully-crafted posts about travelling, friends, chronic illnesses, home life, etc.

I will continue to write this blog and cross my fingers each day that you, my readers, will share my posts with others.  I’m not selling a product; I only wish for more eyes on my blog.  My most popular post was some time last October and I want to do that again and again.

On my 300th anniversary, wouldn’t it be nice if I could reach 300 pairs of eyeballs reading this (or any) post?  I can only do that with your help, friends.  So today, we’ll offer a summary of this week’s posts and hope that we can increase my readership.  Happy Sunday everyone.

Just in case Facebook isn’t showing you my posts and you’ve missed my recent musings, here is my Summing Up Sunday recap.

Monday: Sweetening the 60 Blog

Tuesday: Baking the 60 Blog

Wednesday: Sleeping the 60 Blog

Thursday:  Worrying the 60 Blog 

Friday: Dining the 60 Blog

Saturday: Bloodletting the 60 Blog





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