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Phyllis Diller:  I have so many liver spots, I ought to come with a side of onions.

Yo, it’s Friday.  What are your plans for the weekend?  Leslie has a bee in her bonnet and wants to make homemade spaghetti sauce (known as “gravy” in the old neighborhood).  We invited some friends for a late lunch on Sunday and everyone is just too busy, so we’re meeting at an enormous deli a few miles away.

The Katella Deli, founded in 1964, reminds me of delis back east.  If you grew up or went to school on the East Coast, you know what I mean.  Dr. Brown’s cel-ray tonic.  Black and white cookies.  Kasha.  Noodle pudding.  Oh wait, that’s the list of what I plan to take home from the deli and bakery sections of the restaurant.

The deli serves food from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  We met there for dinner after the Jewish holiday last fall.  I think we waited two hours for a table, and then they were vacuuming the floor when we were paying our check.  They don’t take reservations, because they don’t have to, and people happily and hungrily wait for a seat with a beeper in their hands.  When that puppy goes off, your mouth starts watering because you know you’re in for some good food.

What’s your favorite deli meal?  I don’t like pastrami or corned beef, so that’s one strike against me.  But I can find plenty of other things to eat.  My go-to meal, if it’s breakfast or lunch, is a LEO omelet (lox, eggs and onions) and it’s something I’ve never tried making at home.  I’m convinced the grease on the restaurant grill adds to the flavor.

Someone said the word “liver” to me yesterday.  I love liver and have never tried to make it myself.  I could have chopped liver at the deli, or I could have a plate of liver and onions.  I know, some of you are grossed out, but too bad.  I need the iron because I’m anemic.  Don’t judge me.

By the way, National Liver and Onions Day is May 10.  You’re welcome.




4 thoughts on “Dining the 60 Blog

  1. My mother used to make liver and onions. She and my dad were the only ones at home who made it. But they smothered it in onions and ketchup. One taste, and I knew why. That one taste was all I needed. Gagalicious! LOL Dale loves it, but he puts on twice as many onions as a normal person would. I myself have never fixed it. It used to come in a cup with a lid in the meat market. That alone was enough to…well, ’nuff said there!

    I MISS ARNIE’s!!! I’ll have to try the Katella Deli. We LOVE deli food! You know I love pastrami. Arnie’s had the best. There was a wonderful deli we used to go to in the Fairfax District, but it’s been so long I can’t even remember the name. Maybe I’ll have to go on a downtown deli search!

    And pickles. Nothing better than the pickles from the Jewish Deli! Remember that day Arnie’s closed and they gave me two bags of pickles??? Pickle heaven.

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