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Murdoc Khaleghi:  What’s amazing about a blood test is that knowing your health data can only help you.  There’s never been anyone that hasn’t benefited or been harmed by knowing more about their health markers and organs.

I had bloodwork done today.  I’ve been with a new doctor since April and, at my last visit, the phlebotomist came into the exam room with a little bucket and took two vials of blood.  No big deal.  Today, I had an appointment for lab work and it was a full-on production.

Four vials of blood, less than five minutes, one bandage.  And done for three months.  I see my doctor next month and I’m not sure my results will be what we’re looking for.  

How do you feel about having bloodwork done?  I think it’s a fascinating process and I don’t mind watching the vials fill up.  (The most I had done at one time was seven vials of blood.  I think they gave me a bottle of water as I left the lab to boost up my energy!)  For some reason, I don’t like watching the needle go in my arm, but I’m fine with everything else.

When I was with my prior medical group, they had an onsite lab that would process your bloodwork instantly.  By the time I drove the five miles home from the doctor’s office, I’d have an email with some of my results.  This new office will send results within a few days.  I hope I can wait that long.  Kidding.



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  1. The vampires! LOL My GP has a lab right in his office and my blood results are usually emailed to me the next day. When I visit my hematologist once a year, he has a lab upstairs that I visit 15 minutes before I see him, and he has the results by the time I’m called in for my check up. Now that’s efficient. I donate blood to the Red Cross every 10 weeks or so, and have since I was 18. When we started college at Loma Linda University, you could sell your blood, for $25! And back when I was in college, $25 went far. Going to the movies then was right around $1, and discount days it was 75 cents, and you always saw two movies! But that’s another story. The days of donating blood for payment left a long time ago, but I must be a member of the 30 gallon club by now. My last three visits have been what the Red Cross calls Power Users. Double reds. I always get a special sticker for this one. It takes maybe twice as long. You have to be a certain height and weight. They run the blood out twice, take the red blood cells, and then put what’s left back in, so you can only give every four months here. And they always send me an email, telling me where my blood has gone, which I like. I also found out several years back, when I received a Registered letter from the Red Cross, that I am CMV negative. Only 25% of the world has this blood, and is so pure (as they put it) that they use it for premature babies and organ recipients.

    I didn’t know too much about that until I read a book by our favorite Michael Connelly called Bloodwork. They made it into a movie starring Clint Eastwood. The movie just touched on the interesting blood facts, but the book was amazing. You find out things about blood you didn’t even know! I can easily watch them put the needle in. It doesn’t bother me a bit. Sometimes my veins roll…like they sense what’s coming, and then it requires several times to find it. That doesn’t even bother me. I just find it fascinating!

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