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Why do we put round pizza in a square box and eat it in triangles?

Is it because square boxes are more stable during transport and triangles are the easiest way to cut a circle in equivalent sized pieces?  Or can we argue that pizza slices aren’t exactly triangles, but instead are wedges?

Most pizza places use a square box as it’s simple, cheap, hard to copyright design, and little waste of cardboard.  Round cardboard boxes are more expensive to make, would waste a good deal more paper, and do not have the corners to be utilized for any sides (garlic sauce, pepperoncini peppers, seasoning packets).  Also, a round box would be harder to fold (square boxes are shipped flat and are folded at the store by the drivers when they aren’t doing anything else).

Round pizza as a round ball of dough rolls to a round shape easier/faster. Round dough rises in a round shape consistently. Also as cheese melts it spreads out, round helps with that. A spoon of sauce, easier to spread out sauce while holding the spoon and spinning the pan.

If you want to avoid all of these silly questions, go to New Haven, CT.  None of the really good pizza places are concerned about shapes resembling anything you learned in math class.  Home pizza, like a lot of food,is about shared experiences, friends, and family. Tradition extends from these shared experiences.  Commercial pizza is about volume. Volume business relies on economy of process. Keep it simple.  You don’t have to have your pizza cut into triangular slices. They’ll slice it any way you like.

Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself.



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