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Bonnie Tyler:  I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark.  We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks.  I really need you tonight.  

What more can I say about today’s eclipse that hasn’t already been said?  Here are some of the irreverent and inspired comments I read today:

Funny comments:

  • If you have trouble pronouncing “s” sounds today, you have an eclisp.
  • How does the man in the moon cut his hair?  Eclipse it.
  • What does one put on a retina burn?  Iloe.
  • CNN host talking to Bonnie Tyler (who sang her iconic song on a cruise ship today):  How does a total eclipse of the heart differ from a total eclipse of the sun?
  • Hostess has declared Golden Cupcakes the official snack cake of the eclipse?  What?  Not Moon Pies?
  • A woman on a news livestream just said “It’s so amazing that we live at the same time as the moon.”  #waitwhat
  • Huge congrats to the eclipse!
  • I totally need to hire whoever the publicist was for the eclipse.
  • I wanna stare at it so so so so bad.
  • Got tired of waiting for the solar eclipse, so I put a piece of baloney on the window.

Celebrity comments:

  • (Ellen DeGeneres)  I just invested in an eclipse sunglass company.  Does anyone know when the next one is?
  • (Steve Martin)  Now working on my new single “Cloud Cover” for release in 2024.
  • (Rainbow Rowell) I’m at an eclipse viewing/minor league baseball game and the music has been excellent.  The organ’s playing “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.”
  • (Madeleine Albright)  Enjoyed watching #Eclipse2017.  A great reminder that all darkness is temporary.

And finally, regional comments:

  • (Oregon)  I was a little bummed I didn’t go for totality. Beforehand, I didn’t think it could make that much difference.  It definitely did.  The silence of the birds was the most striking thing!
  • (Georgia) I will have to live vicariously through everyone’s eclipse posts.  No viewing glasses for me.  I think I will survive though.
  • (Wisconsin) Nice surprise when I got back from lunch today:  Sun Chips and Eclipse cookies.
  • (California) It didn’t get very dark here at the office, but people on our garage roof had boxes on their heads!
  • (West Virginia) Amazing moon shadows.  Whoa….Cat Stevens!
  • (Tennessee) Come on totality!
  • (Oklahoma) Nikon through the cheap glasses turned out okay!
  • (California) Don’t miss it!  Don’t look at it!  Don’t miss it!  Don’t look at it!  Don’t miss it!  Don’t look at it!
  • (Kansas) Today’s the day all your pets go blind and also the magical eclipse rays will get up in your business and do terrible things to your faces.  Good luck!
  • (Washington)  Sun Chips and moon pies!
  • (Nevada) Of all the days for it to be cloudy in Las Vegas.  Why today?
  • (South Carolina) The clouds blocked most of our experience but we did get to see the “end of it.”  Just a sign to me that we need to plan for the next one in 2024.
  • (Washington, D.C.)  Confession:  I looked.  (Hint:  Not President Trump.)
  • (Tennessee)  Nobody told me a total solar eclipse could make my neck hurt.
  • (Florida) So, the crickets in my hard are confused.  Well played, Solar Eclipse.

So get your glasses ready.  Another total solar eclipse will take place in the United States on April 8, 2024.  The next eclipse will travel a different path and will be visible in a diagonal path crossing from Texas to Maine.  Cities in Texas (Austin, Dallas), Arkansas (Little Rock), New York (Rochester, Buffalo) and Ohio (Cleveland, Toledo, Akron) will be in the path of totality.  Start making your travel arrangements now!



3 thoughts on “Eclipsing the 60 Blog

  1. Hehe…I KNOW who made the CA comment because I read it on their timeline. I myself was totally excited yesterday. I made a box and checked the exact time that it would be the best for viewing. 10:22 was the Lake Forest time. But I kept going out with my box to check its progress, and the box worked great! At 10:22 I was surprised how many people were outside with their boxes! I certainly wasn’t wearing a box on my head! Good Morning America also said you could take selfies, which I did at precisely 10:22. Even while taking a selfie the sun was way too bright on the screen, so I think my eyes are closed in it and it didn’t really show much. The box was the way to go. I also watched the path of total totality on TV for most of the morning and it was so exciting! My sister lives in Asheville, NC. They were seeing a 99% totality. They were excited.

    I had other friends whose comments were, well, “I went outside and looked around and saw nothing. So that was it.” “I have enough eye problems so didn’t want to go and look at it.” “i was dozing.” “I’ll look for pictures on the Internet.” “Didn’t want to break from my work to see it.” REALLY???? We don’t see this again until 2044! What has happened to people that something like this isn’t exciting???

    In any event…Kim lives in Austin, and I WILL BE AT HER PLACE in 2044 viewing this!

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