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I’m bored of being bored because being bored is boring.

What do you do when you’re bored?  Do you mindlessly turn on the TV?  Do you read?  Do you do something physical?  Two out of three on this list work for me!

Being bored on a weekend is one thing.  You can always find something to do.  Call a friend.  See a movie.  Bake a cake.

But what if you’re bored on the job?  I don’t see how, for instance, a fast food worker would ever be bored.  There’s always someone pulling up to the drive-through window.  There are always fries to be fried.  If you work at a movie theater, there will always be patrons lining up for you to take their money.

But a desk job?  What can you do?  My office provides online computer training, and there is always another staff member who could use some assistance.  But what else can you do?

An acquaintance of mine shared a story about filling in at the reception desk on Monday.  She can easily surf the internet while she’s sitting at the desk, but she found yesterday to be especially rough. After viewing the pictures and videos of the eclipse, the rest of the day’s news stories were all about the eclipse.  Again and again.  Been there, done that.

What can you do at your job to stay busy?  Online training?  File folder labels for 2018?  Maybe start writing the great American novel?  Tell me what works for you.



2 thoughts on “Boring the 60 Blog

  1. Ahhhh…boredom. My kids were always telling me they were bored. I kept telling them, if you read books, you will never be bored! A book can always take me away. I cannot remember in recent times, ever being bored. I read, I knit, you KNOW I go to movies. I have been known to clean house, or go out and take a walk, while listening to music and/or a book. Adult coloring books is another lovely thing to do.

    When I was working at my last law firm, for 90% of the time I was there, there was no time for boredom. Working for two busy Patent attorneys, the work never stopped. I’ve never been so busy. My first 71/2 months there, together my boss and I had produced 22,000 documents! Stacks of work, and my days flew by. There were times when things got quiet, especially if he went on vacation.

    I downloaded the Kindle app on my computer. Bring up a book, make some adjustments, and it looks like you are working on a document. And I always listened to music. I highly recommend Amazon Prime music. Connect the headphones, put on music, read a book onscreen, and you are working!

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