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Saying no to others means saying yes to you.  Saying yes to you allows you to live in your true and authentic self.

Do you have motivating self-talk that works for you?  This tends to work best in situations that require endurance and confidence.  (See, for example, the contestants on Big Brother tonight!)  A pep talk can boost your confidence and make you believe in your worth and abilities.

But don’t expect it to happen overnight. Remember that before you truly believe a message, you must receive that message repeatedly.  Every time that you are in a position which requires some motivational self-talk, take the opportunity to deliver your positive message. With every use, you will believe it more and more.  I read a set of positive affirmations daily, and it helps me.

Not every message will work for every person.  Certain words resonate better with some than others.  To find the right message, you may need to do a little experimenting.  Have some fun to find the message that works best with you.  Choose words that invigorate you.  You may want to call yourself a superhero or remind yourself that you’re awesome.  And don’t forget the superhero stance.  Stand straight and put your hands on your hips, chest puffed out.  Imagine you’re wearing a cape, ready to take on Gotham City.  It works too!

When giving yourself a motivational pep talk, don’t give yourself anything to argue with. Using single words and short phrases helps you stay on track. You’ll be more likely to focus on your assets without getting distracted by nagging doubts.

New projects provide an ideal opportunity for instructional self-talk. Coach yourself during the important beginning stages. Be kind, gentle and supportive; just as you would be if you were coaching somebody else.

Because you’re being proactive and positive, you will drown out much of the negative self-talk which you may have become accustomed to.  Instead of 100% negative self-talk, you will dilute it down with every positive piece of self-talk that you deliver.

Break tasks down into specific steps. If you’re working on your public speaking, urge yourself to make eye contact, talk at an appropriate pace, and sound enthusiastic during your speech.  It is best to just focus on one or two of these habits with each speech. You will soon find that you do them without thinking about them and you can then focus on a different new habit for the next speech.

Picture yourself getting the results you want. Self-talk doesn’t always take the form of words. The images you present yourself with will also deliver either a positive or negative message. When you focus on a positive imagery i.e. achieving your goals, you are reminding yourself that you can do it; that you have the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to be a success.

Soothing self-talk can help you manage tense moments with more comfort and skill. For best results, accept your emotions instead of trying to suppress them. You can act courageously even if you feel afraid.

Self-talk won’t make life’s challenges disappear. Bad things happen and if you want to continue to grow and thrive, you need to take on bigger and bigger challenges. There will be times when you have doubts and difficulties but these are opportunities to advance yourself.

You don’t have to live with negative self-talk. It doesn’t have to be something which just happens. If you leave your negative self-talk unchallenged, the consequences will continue to get worse, to the point where they cripple your self-belief and self-esteem. Instead, you can channel your self-talk and start moving in a positive direction. Get in touch with the thoughts that automatically run through your head, and turn them into a steady stream of encouragement. You’ll reduce stress, enhance your self-confidence, and enjoy more success in life.

What will you say to yourself tomorrow morning?


3 thoughts on “Motivating the 60 Blog

  1. Oh reading this just reminded me of Speech class in college. Every single person who went to Loma Linda University was required to take speech. I HATED public speaking. I put it off to the last quarter, and took it with Dale. Dale! Who’s not afraid of public speaking, and in fact thrives on it. When I get nervous I tend to talk a mile a minute. It’s funny to listen to myself because it just goes! We had to do a TV commercial in speech, and it had to be exactly one minute. And I must say that Dale was a huge help to me. He encouraged me, and I took 10 deep breaths, pictured everyone sitting in the audience naked, and practiced so much I did it in exactly one minute. I kept telling myself, “YOU CAN DO THIS.” I have to say, I did get counted off five points for turning red. I wore a scooped neck top, but my chest always turns bright red when excited/nervous. The teacher said it was “too distracting.” So…for my next 10 speeches, I wore a turtleneck! Ha! Even when I got married, my wedding dress had very sheer netting over the chest area.

    And for the record, back in 1974 when I took speech, Dale received the ONLY A+ they had ever given up to that point. I got a B+ and was VERY happy to get that!

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