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We played bunco the other night and I didn’t win anything.  But that’s okay.  It’s all about having fun, right?  YMMV.

Leslie and I have played all kinds of board and card games since we were kids. Remember Careers or Life?  We also played Mille Bornes, Perquackey, Trouble, poker, gin rummy, 500 rummy, War, May I, Crazy 8s.  You get the picture.

I always seem to be the one to keep score.  It’s just my lot in life, I suppose.  Nowadays, I get accused of cheating (and I think my friends are joking), but even as a kid, I always carried around the scorepad and pencil.

Typically, the scorepad has two columns:  one for your team and one for the other team.  I think it was my mother who taught me to name the columns We and They if you were playing with teams and, of course, players’ names if you were playing individually.  I’ve always done it this way.  No big deal.

I’ve also been playing bunco for many years.  If you know anything about the game (for which there is no strategy whatsoever, just shear luck), you move from table to table and roll dice at each table.  Someone at each table keeps score and, thankfully, it’s not always me!  But the other night, something just hit me the wrong way.

I started a page to keep score.  I drew a line down the center of the page and wrote in We and They.  And the game started.  The players moved around the room to other tables.  When I came back to the table where I started, someone had written Us and Them at the top of the two columns, right above where I had written We/They.  Did that scorekeeper find my headings confusing?  It’s obvious what the words mean.  But the next scorekeeper just had to change it to Us/Them?

I’m aware that people keep score differently and I’ve gotten to a table where Us/Them was already written on the score sheet.  But the other night just threw me off balance.  (That must be why I didn’t win any money this month.)

You’ll see from the two pictures in this post that both Us/Them and We/They are acceptable scorekeeping means.  I wasn’t aware that We/They is typically used in bridge and pinochle games (two games we didn’t play as kids) and it looks like Us/Them is the acceptable bunco lingo.

Image result for we they score sheet

Oh, I know.  Why stress about something so insignificant?  Want to know why I focused on this and ripped that page out of the scorepad so quickly?  So I’d have something to write about today!



2 thoughts on “Scoring the 60 Blog

  1. I UNDERSTAND THAT PERFECTLY! Sometimes things can just hit us wrong. Yeah…what’s wrong with what you wrote? Why did someone feel the need to change it? I think she did it to be annoying. I would’ve done the same thing. Ripped it off and wrote my original words down. A friend of mine said someone at Bunco told her that she rolled the dice the wrong way. SERIOUSLY???? How can you roll dice the wrong way? And why say that anyway? When I become perfect at anything, then I’ll start in on somebody else. Ha!

    I almost always end up keeping score too. Mostly I guess, because for most of my life I’ve been a word processor/secretary, and I think people just think that’s what you do. I don’t mind. I love it. We used to bowl a lot, and before they had automatic scorekeeping. I even used to go to bowling alleys and keep score, and got paid for it. Being a scorekeeper, and paid by everyone, you could make some nice spending money. Take score for the 6:00 and the 9:00 leagues, you could make $10/night! For way back in the 70’s, that was great spending money.

    we are having game night at our house tonight, and I will be the scorekeeper. And look forward to it. 🙂


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