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I’m not lazy.  I’m just on energy-saving mode.

Being lazy minus working around the house equals getting nothing done.

Or does it?

We have the services of Marissa (the greatest-girl-on-earth) this weekend and she has been so helpful getting us organized.  It’s like she just knows every six weeks, “time to visit the Aunts!”

So we’re going to put her to work.  I’m hosting book club tomorrow and serving brunch-type food.  I’d like to serve egg salad and, since Leslie and I don’t eat it (and can’t even stand to look at it), we’ve tasked Marissa with the egg-boiling, egg-smashing and salad-making duties for Sunday.  Plus, we’ll have her put together a table and a patio bench because, well, she can!

And as a partial payback, we’re going to take her to bingo Saturday night.  When she wins big money, we’ll expect a “gift” in return.

What will you do this weekend?  Something rewarding?  Something physically challenging?  Good for you!




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