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I tried to form a gang once, but it turned into a book club.

I hosted book club yesterday and we discussed Where’d You Go Bernadette?  It’s a whimsical story about a dysfunctional yet loving family involving Antarctica, blackberries and Seattle.  We agreed that the author’s depiction of life in Seattle was spot-on, and the main characters were very intelligent, but not all that likeable.

Our customary short story-writing ended the afternoon.  Our keyword was “fruit.”  We were told to write one sentence incorporating the word and then pass it along to another guest.  We then read our short stories as follows:

No. 1:  The pineapple sat close to the strawberries and now they are called pineberries.  And boy, do they taste berry-ish.
No. 2:  But I was craving it.  I didn’t have time to chew.  I just swallowed, bite after bite.  Next thing I know, I’m in the ER feeling like an alien is inside me!

No. 1:  Why is fruit so damned expensive?  Is it all coming from other countries like Venezuela and Chile?
No. 2:  Yes it is.  Times have changed!

No. 1:  Fruit, fruit, fruit.  Eat enough of it and you will become a fruit.
No. 2:  Unlikely, but you may spend enough time indisposed to wish you were a fruit.

No. 1:  Walking into the kitchen, the warm spicy scent of fruitcake enveloped me in holiday nostalgia.
No. 2:  Another Christmas I was spending all alone on my farm in Vermont.  No invitation from family or friends.

No. 1:  My brother’s favorite fruit was a tangerine.
No. 2:  Every summer when the trees were in season, he would spend hours picking and eating the sticky, sweet fruit.

No. 1:  Laura walked into the kitchen to discover a lovely bowl of fruit, each piece with a single bite missing.
No. 2:  Laura then took her turn and put a second bite into each one.

No. 1:  I was sitting there in my room reading a book.  All of a sudden, I wanted a piece of fruit.  I went tearing outside, screaming for fruit–anything.  Two men walked up to me…
No. 2:  And asked what movie I was filming.  I had been mistaken for Julia Roberts.  It was the best day of my life.

No. 1:  While in the market evaluating the ripeness of the fruit, specifically the peaches, she reached in to to grab a particular orange and red specimen, when his hand brushed hers.
No. 2:  They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity and they realized that the peaches were sticky.

No. 1:  As a young girl, I loved to eat fruit–especially fruit salad.  I loved the berries.  Making fruit salad brings back memories of sitting at the kitchen table with my grandmother, peeling fruit and talking.  A great memory of mine…
No. 2:  Do kids today have this opportunity?  Do kids even talk to their grandparents?  Cynical much?

Lessons learned yesterday?  You can meet your soulmate wherever peaches are sold, Julia Roberts has a lot of good days, and having a farm in Vermont doesn’t guarantee you friends.

Next month’s book is The Night She Won Miss America and I’m about two-thirds through.  It’s very good!  It’s based on a true story and, no spoilers here, it’s about Miss America 1950.  Guess what?  She doesn’t expect to win!




3 thoughts on “Rewriting the 60 Blog

  1. That was a totally fun book club day wasn’t it? And our writing expressions have become legendary! As I say every month, I can’t wait for the coffee table book!


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