Affiliating the 60 Blog

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I like to surround myself with people who share in my inappropriate comments, sarcasm, and random shenanigans.

It’s been almost a year since I started writing The 60 Blog.  It’s almost like keeping a diary or a journal.  I share some mundane factoid or story that you may enjoy reading and sharing.

When I started writing last year, I thought I might make just a few bucks.  I was told it’s easy to become an Amazon Affiliate.  Sign a few forms and you’re ready to go.  I could link Amazon products on my blog page and, if someone clicks in the product and ends up buying it, I could make an insane amount of money–like ten cents.  I signed up to become an affiliate of Thrive Market too (see Thriving the 60 Blog).  If any of my readers joined their program, I could make a few bucks too.

I knew I’d never strike it rich.  Ten cents here, a few bucks there, and at the end the year, I could have $50 (my most generous estimate).  So I persevered.  I linked things like books, vitamins, organic honey.

And you know what?  Amazon thought I wasn’t getting enough clicks and they cancelled my Affiliate account.  Yes!  I wasn’t giving Amazon any business, so they figured, why keep her on the books in the hopes that we’d pay her ten cents some day?

I still include links in some of my posts, but I never know who or what is clicked.  I have a plug-in built in to my blog program that tells me I have visitors from other countries reading my posts, but I don’t currently know anyone in Italy or Japan.  My goal was to get eyeballs on my blog (along with making some serious green, of course!) and I am doing that.  Little by little.

I need your help.  If you like my anecdotes, tell your friends.  If you disagree with something I have to say, let me know by commenting below.  If you sign up with Word Press and give them your email address (and you only will have to do it once), you’ll get an email each time I post something.  You won’t have to look for me; I’ll just be in your inbox.

As I said, eyeballs are important to me.  I use a program called MissingLettr that recycles my posts and adds them to my Twitter (@nycaryn), Facebook and Google Plus accounts.  A week or two ago, Twitter notified me that I have a new follower.  Someone famous who reads my posts (or, more likely, has someone read them for him).  Ladies and gentlemen, Jimmy Kimmel is a fan!  You’re in good company.

And now for something ironic?  Last week, I received notice that I now have another Twitter follower.  Amazon Affiliates.  Ironic.



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