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Socrates:  Why do you wonder that globetrotting does not help you, seeing that you always take yourself with you?  The reason that set you wandering is always at your heels.

I belong to a professional organization made up of legal secretaries, legal assistants, paralegals, and other support personnel in the legal field.  For more than 20 years, I was active on the chapter, state and national level, and held many leadership positions.  Our local chapter dissolved a couple of years ago due to lack of attendance at meetings, and lack of interest from future leaders (those darned millennials!).

Since our local chapter folded, I’ve been less involved on the national level as well.  The last few national conferences were held on the east coast, and next month, the meeting will be held in Norfolk, Virginia.  Next year, I understand it will be held in Phoenix, and I will even drag Leslie with me!

At the start of my career here in California, I met several wonderful legal personnel who turned out to be great mentors to me and others.  At the time, they were about the age I am now, and I remember thinking, “Wow, good for them!  Still working and kicking ass at 60!”  I learned a tremendous amount from each of them:  Darlene, Shirley (two of them!), Carol, Lyla, Jeannie, Ginger, Lyn, Lynn, and many more.

Of course, we’re now all spread out around the state and country, so I don’t see these women as often as I’d like.  But my favorite Shirley called me yesterday.  She tracked me down to ask about a local meeting place (it’s all about the networking!) and we chatted about our current statuses.

I’m not sure how old Shirley is, but I’ll guess she’s in her mid-70s. She is currently working one day a week in the office for her long-time boss, and does some other work at home.  She is saving money to pay for her January trip to Africa.  And next year, when she saves up the rest of the money (she’ll need $12,000!), she’s going to Antarctica.  After next year’s trip, she will have visited all seven continents.  Currently, she brags that she has visited 42 countries.

For as long as I can remember, Shirley has been a go-getter and a certification lover–just like me!  My professional signature contains four certifications (professional legal secretary, professional paralegal, professional secretary, and administrative professional).  Shirley was the only person I knew who had more initials after her name than me, including certified parliamentarian and others than I can’t even remember.  Anyone who can share their parliamentary procedure knowledge is a winner in my book!

Does Shirley make anyone else feel like a giant slacker, besides me?




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