Reliving the 60 Blog

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Michael Landon:  Sometimes I wonder if we live life by reliving life, rather than by living life.

As I was engrossed in hurricane coverage on TV, and as my computer ran out of battery power on Sunday (not at all comparing myself to those without electricity in Florida), I didn’t get to post my Sunday recap.  In case you missed my daily posts, here’s a handy way to catch up on what’s been happening.  Please share with your friends and enemies.

Sunday: Rewinding the 60 Blog

Monday:  Affiliating the 60 Blog

Tuesday:  Returning the 60 Blog

Wednesday:  Humanizing the 60 Blog

Thursday:  Naming the 60 Blog

Friday:  Globetrotting the 60 Blog

Next week, you won’t want to miss my posts on noise, prioritizing, sleep, and other surprises.




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