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One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.

Are you happy?  Every day happy?  Or just when it’s time to clock out for lunch?  Or visit your grandchildren?  I try to be happy every day.  Even for just a few minutes.  Because the opposite of happy can be miserable.

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.  WalletHub conducted a survey and ranked all 50 states to find the Happiest States in America.  The website used three different metrics to determine the rankings:  (i) how emotionally and physically well its citizens are, (ii) work environment, and (iii) community gauges such as average leisure time and the volunteerism rate.

Here are the top and bottom rankings (the “happiness” score is out of 100):

Most Happy:

Minnesota:  71
Utah:  68
Hawaii:  68
California:  67
Nebraska:  66

Least Happy:

West Virginia:  35
Oklahoma:  35
Louisiana:  35
Alabama:  37
Arkansas:  37

What do you think?  Where do you live?

I found a quick quiz online to figure out how happy you are.  Check all that apply to you or that you agree with:

  • When you think about people in your life, you tend to think of those you care about and love.
  • You think life is getting better all the time.
  • When it comes to work or school, you enjoy a challenge.
  • You rarely compare your clothes, money, or possessions to those of your friends.
  • You enjoy giving to others, unconditionally.
  • You enjoy being around people.
  • You feel like your life is on the right track.
  • You aren’t afraid to stand up for what you believe.
  • There is enough time in your life to take care of yourself.
  • You have a strong positive attitude that has gotten you through tough times
  • When you feel confused, you just step back and remember that things will work themselves out.
  • If you fail at something, you try to make the most of the experience anyway.
  • You are proud of who you are.
  • You don’t take yourself seriously. Not at all.
  • You believe that finding meaning and happiness in life is something you have to do for yourself.
  • Even if things are bad, you can find a reason to laugh.
  • Even when your life changes drastically, you are able to thrive.
  • You would rather give a gift than receive one.
  • You feel like you can be yourself around your friends.
  • You let negative feelings go quickly.
  • You rarely feel lonely.
  • You feel like you have control over your life.
  • Over your life, you’ve learned a lot – and grown emotionally.
  • You could lose people you love (or be out of work) and still feel secure.
  • Life is good. You truly appreciate what you have.


What was your score?  I marked “yes” on 15 out of 25 statements, which makes me 60% happy.  I have some work to do.

For more information, visit Happiness Quiz.



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