Renaming the 60 Blog

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Katherine Hepburn:  As for me, prizes are nothing.  My prize is my work.

There are only 100 days until Christmas and I fear that the stores are already stocking Christmas trees and decorations.  Has CVS put their Halloween candy on sale yet?

Where does the time go?  It’s only 55 days until my birthday, and it’s become evident that I’ll need to change the name of this blog.  Any suggestions?  Dare I run a contest to see how many creative souls are reading this blog?  How many care what it’s called?  Who will notice if I stop writing it?

I started writing this blog, anticipating that dozens (and dozens) of readers would comment and we’d have an ongoing discussion of aging, working after 60, cooking (or, more to the point, not cooking), family and friends, and other topics.  I had lofty goals, to be sure, and I’m not disappointed.  This project just turned into something different.

My blogging mentor suggested we could add all kinds of Google Analytics tools to this blog, once we reached a certain number of page views per day, for an extended period of time.  I haven’t yet reached that number, but I am quite impressed that I have readers and followers from countries such as Malaysia, Pakistan, Italy, Philippines, India, United Kingdom, Australia, and Thailand.  I don’t personally know anyone in those countries, and I often wonder what those readers see in my writing.  What resonates with them?   What can they relate to?

Readers, the time has come for me to decide whether I will continue writing my pearls of wisdom.   I didn’t accomplish what I first set out to do, but who cares?  I enjoy it, and it appears that some from other countries do too, and I can count on a few steadfast readers and a sister (who has no choice).

Contest time!  We need to rename this blog.  Come up with a catchy name for this almost-daily blog since I can’t continue using XXXing the 60 Blog after my birthday.  I won’t be 60 any longer, and it’ll be like false advertising.   In the next two months, my blogging mentor will help me transition this blog to a new platform, and I’ll add some news bells and whistles.  What better time to start fresh with a new name?

Please comment below or leave a message on my Facebook page with your suggested new names.  An independent panel of judges will choose the winner from the expected stack of responses.  The deadline for your suggestions is Monday, October 2 and there will be prizes!

Be creative.  Don’t be shy.  I want to hear from everyone!




5 thoughts on “Renaming the 60 Blog

  1. Well, for a simple name you could call it the 60’s Blog…which would encompass all your 60’s. While watching America’s Got Talent the other night, Diavolo performed while SIGN OF THE TIMES (by Harry Styles) played. Now that is my new favorite song! So there’s a thought for a name…SIGNS OF THE TIMES. THREESCORE. NOTHING LESS THAN YOUR 60’S. THESE ARE THE TIMES OF YOUR LIFE. SHOOTING STARS IN THE 60’S. OK…my brain is shutting down.

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  2. Even though I rarely comment, I do enjoy reading your pearls–so much so that I am always disappointed with the recap entries! Anyway, I don’t care what the name is although I can see the hook benefits of a catchy name. Maybe something like 60’s blog?

    Mary Anne Sent from my iPad


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