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If all my friends jumped off a bridge, I wouldn’t jump with them.  I’d be at the bottom waiting to catch those idiots.

Today is a catch-all kind of day.  I’ve been collecting notes and tidbits for a while and I thought I’d share some now.

Months ago, I wrote about my Twitter account.  I don’t post anything, but I do follow several news organizations, celebrities, and some “real” people too.  I’ve been known to check Twitter several times a day, telling myself that I just need to find out “what’s happening in the real world.”  I just really want to catch up on the latest celebrity mishap or watch a new cat video.

Every day, I receive about a dozen sponsored posts from advertisers or people who the Twitter algorithm believes I would be interested in.  I admit, I think in six months, one of those advertisements appealed to me and I started following them.  (I can’t, for the life of me, remember who it was, however.)  But now I’m writing down the ones that are so far from left field, and I wonder how Twitter and the advertiser might think we’d get along.  Here are a few examples:

Dick’s Sporting Goods (sales job opportunity in Henderson, Nevada)
Christus Health (job opportunity for an inpatient coder)
AGT Auditions (“come show us your talent at our auditions near you!”)
JD & The Straight Shot band (who?)
Aklave (“looking for Afrocentric events near you?  We’ve got you covered!”)
Undark magazine (I have no idea!)
Test Card (“a urine test startup”)

Looking at this list, I don’t see one over another that would fit my background any more.  What do you think I’d be interested in?  I’ll share more with you next week.

And finally, I spoke with a vendor this morning who asked for my email address.  I gave it to her, spelling my first initial and last name carefully.  She knew my name, of course, and then asked me this simple question:  “Are you spelling your name with a C?”  Yes, today I am spelling it with a C.  Ask me tomorrow, when I’ll spell my name with a Q.






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