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Amazing Fact:  People want to see you doing better, but not better than them.

Business Insider recently published an article about the perfect age to do certain things. They asked:  What are you best at RIGHT NOW?

Here are the ages when you peak at everything:

From 7-8, learning a new language is easiest.

From 9-10, you’re least likely to die.

At 18, your brain works the fastest.

At 22, women are most attractive to men.

At 23, people have the highest satisfaction with life.

At 25, muscles are strongest.

At 31, you’re the best at playing chess.

At 39, women make their highest salary.

At 48, men make their highest salary.

At 50, math skills are highest.

From 75-84, you feel most comfortable with your body.

At 82, your psychological well-being is at its highest.

I see I’m far beyond making my highest salary, I can’t learn any more math, but I have to wait another 15 years to do away with body issues.  What about you?

No matter how old you are, there’s always something to look forward to.


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