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Friendship isn’t a big thing; it’s thousands of little things.

I spoke with my friend Robin over the weekend.  We’ve known each other since we were 13 years old.  We went to school together, through college.  She attended Boston College for post-graduate study and became an elementary school teacher.  After 30 years of teaching in the South Bronx, she retired and is now loving being a lady of leisure while watching her grown twin daughters pursue careers and make their own lives.

Growing up, we were very close.  I remember when we applied for our Social Security numbers.  We put both of our forms in one envelope and, when our cards were received, we noted that our numbers were virtually the same (except for two digits off in the last four numbers).  I can only recite three SSNs by heart:  Robin’s, Leslie’s, and my own.  How many other SSNs do you know without looking them up?

Robin and I have, thankfully, stayed in touch over the 30+ years that we’ve been living on opposite coasts.  And this was back in the day of making long-distance calls at night (after the rates went down) and sending snail mail.

Robin sent me a meme entitled “It’s horrible to have a friend who does not live near you.”  It’s disappointing because we don’t see other nearly as often as we’d like, and phone calls and messages just aren’t touchy and feely enough.

Robin told me she was reading my blog (yahoo!) and asked if I’m truly annoyed all the time.  I guess most of my posts come off as sounding bothered and annoyed.  I don’t get annoyed all that often (Prozac is my friend!) and thinking back, I guess that some of my daily posts are written about things that seem problematic or are, generally, things that might bug me.  Have you noticed that about my posts?

Are you aware, on a daily basis, of how annoyed you might be?  Or perhaps you project being bothered by something, when it’s not really a problem for you.  But others might sense something different.  Perception is everything.




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