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I’m not addicted to coffee.  We’re just in a committed relationship.

You guys!  Did you hear?  Tomorrow is a holiday!  It’s National Coffee Day and it’s time to celebrate!  But first, a little information on my favorite beverage:

According to studies, coffee offers benefits beyond that jolt of caffeine you need in the morning.  It’s not the caffeine in your morning cup that’s good for you; it’s the antioxidants.

Studies from the Vanderbilt Institute for Coffee Studies have shown that folks who drink coffee regularly may reduce the risks of Parkinson’s disease by 80 percent, colon cancer by 25 percent, and cirrhosis of the liver by 80 percent.  Moderate consumption of coffee (two to four cups a day) may lower the risks of developing Type 2 diabetes and liver cancer.

The Mayo Clinic states that up to 400 milligrams (about four cups) of coffee a day appears to be safe for healthy adults.  Drinking more than four cups may result in insomnia, nervousness, irritability, upset stomach, fast heartbeat, and other symptoms.

To get the full health benefits of drinking coffee, try to avoid artificial sweeteners, heavy cream, milk, and sugar.  Coffee drinks and lattes taste good but they’re high in calories.  Try using honey or stevia for sweetening, skip the whipped cream, and use coconut, skim, almond, cashew, or soy milk.

However you like yours, celebrate the holiday by visiting one of the following for your free cup!

You can celebrate at the following locations for your free fix of java.  I haven’t found anything online about Starbucks.  (I’m sure they don’t need to offer free coffee for their stores to be crowded on a Friday morning!)

Cinnabon:    You can get a free 12 oz. cup of coffee all day.

Dunkin’ Donuts:  Buy a medium or larger hot coffee and get a free medium hot coffee.

Krispy Kreme:  You can get any size of hot or iced coffee for free, no purchase of any kind is necessary.  And they’re offering this freebie all weekend long, 9/29-10/1.

Tim Horton’s:  The U.S. locations are giving out free Original Blend, Dark Roast, Decaf, or Iced Coffee in any size when you use a coupon available through the ​Tim Horton’s app. (Sadly, we don’t have any Tim Horton’s locations in California.)

7-Eleven:  New and existing 7Rewards members can pick up a free coffee (any size!) starting on National Coffee Day through the entire weekend, 9/29 through 10/1.

Peet’s Coffee:  Purchase any bag of blended coffee beans (you’ll receive 25 percent off of the bag of coffee), and score a free medium-size cup of drip coffee or tea on Friday, 9/29.  You can also go online and purchase bags of beans for 25 percent off with the promo code coffeeday17.

And don’t forget to check out the Java Momma opportunity that I posted yesterday.  See Java-ing the 60 Blog or Java Momma Kit pre-sale for more details.

Have a cuppa on me!




2 thoughts on “Freeing the 60 Blog

  1. You know, it’s just too bad I’m not a coffee drinker! Corner Bakery is also offering a free cup of coffee, and I’m assuming Panera Bread will also be offering that. When I first signed up for their rewards club, I received a free cup of coffee for a month! And I couldn’t get them to switch it to tea. In any event, I love how coffee smells, and I’ll be enjoying “your day” just by smelling. Here’s to that cuppa!

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