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Mark Twain:  It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

In high school, did you ever hear about the phenomenon where you’d put your school notes under your pillow while you slept?  You’d wake up in the morning and those notes would magically have drifted into your brain and you’d ace your test the next morning.  Who didn’t try that on more than occasion?  If you didn’t, you’re lying!

The theory of hypnopedia was in the news again recently.  It’s the idea that you can learn new facts or skills while asleep, by hitting ‘play’ on recordings before you hit the pillow.

Sleep-learning is an attempt to convey information to a sleeping person, typically by playing a sound recording to them while they sleep. Wikipedia tells us research on this has been inconclusive. Some early studies tended to discredit the technique’s effectiveness, while others have found that the brain indeed reacts to stimuli and processes them while we are asleep.

A recent pop-culture example of sleep-learning can be seen in a 1997 episode of Friends.  In “The One with the Hypnosis Tape,” Chandler borrows a smoking-cessation audiocassette from Rachel, which he listens to while he’s asleep. The tape tells him that he is “a strong, confident woman” who doesn’t need to smoke. In typical Friends fashion, Chandler stops smoking, but also begins acting effeminately.

At the time, I didn’t know there was a name for this process of sleep-learning.  Back in the 70s, we just thought we were being cool.  I guess we were also ahead of our time.



But we DO make new memories during the deepest part of our sleep cycle – like sound patterns. You’ll get to that deep sleep faster with this mattress and pillow.


2 thoughts on “Learning the 60 Blog

  1. OK…I can honestly say I NEVER put notes under my pillow. I wrote notes all the time. If I wrote it out, I remembered it. I’ve never tried listening to things while I sleep except ocean sounds on a looping CD I made. I’m an extremely light sleeper. Dale used to put his watch in a drawer as I heard the ticking. We close the bedroom doors at night because I hear the cats stepping into our bedroom. I think this all started when I had kids. I never had them sleep in our room because if they moved or made any type of noise, I’d wake up. Yet I could sleep through thunderstorms.

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