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If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.

Hump Day.  The day we must get through in order to see the weekend in our rearview mirror.

Fabulous called.  I answered.  How often do you feel fabulous?  When someone asks you how are you, do you usually answer “fine” or list a variety of ailments and problems?  The world would be a nicer place if we all answered the “how do you feel” question with “fabulous!”  “Couldn’t be better!”  “Just fantastic!”

Just saying those words out loud makes you feel better too, doesn’t it?  You can’t say “Fabulous!” without puffing our your chest a little bit and putting a smile on your face!

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Try saying “Fabulous!” in a hushed voice with bad posture.  Your companion would undoubtedly say “what did you say?” and not believe you when you gave your response again.

We must take charge of ourselves.  What we tell ourselves inside our head comes out in our actions and beliefs for the day.  “I feel like staying in bed today” or “I feel a cold coming on” translates to feeling sluggish and eager for the day to end, so you can get home and crawl under the covers.

So stop negative self-talk to reduce stress.  Positive thinking can even improve your health.  (Imagine telling yourself “I feel great and don’t feel like I have a cold coming on!”)  Do not underestimate the power of negative self-talk. If you are consistently reinforcing low opinions of yourself, you will start to believe them and act as if they are real. You may not even be aware of the full extent of your negative self-talk but when you’re armed with a little knowledge, you can make some really positive changes.

You may already have strongly ingrained destructive self-talk programmed in yourself, and turning them around may seem impossible.  A great way to start on the road to constructive self-talk?  Tell yourself that you can see yourself in a more positive light.  Nip the dysfunctional self-talk in the bud.  Once you get in the habit of observing your self-talk, noting whether or not it’s constructive, you’ll find it that much easier not only to inspire others, but also yourself.

We need to hear a message multiple times before we accept it. So, instead of the negative messages which you have been feeding yourself, choose a kinder, more supportive message which you can give to yourself. Whenever you find yourself being negative, take charge of your self-talk and deliver this message to yourself, repeatedly. Your inner dialogue will grow wiser with practice and your self-talk will gradually become kinder.

It’s true that we sometimes speak more harshly to ourselves than we would to anyone else. Instead, talk to yourself as though you were a loving friend. Seek to be truthful and supportive with yourself.

How are you feeling today?





Bloodletting the 60 Blog

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Murdoc Khaleghi:  What’s amazing about a blood test is that knowing your health data can only help you.  There’s never been anyone that hasn’t benefited or been harmed by knowing more about their health markers and organs.

I had bloodwork done today.  I’ve been with a new doctor since April and, at my last visit, the phlebotomist came into the exam room with a little bucket and took two vials of blood.  No big deal.  Today, I had an appointment for lab work and it was a full-on production.

Four vials of blood, less than five minutes, one bandage.  And done for three months.  I see my doctor next month and I’m not sure my results will be what we’re looking for.  

How do you feel about having bloodwork done?  I think it’s a fascinating process and I don’t mind watching the vials fill up.  (The most I had done at one time was seven vials of blood.  I think they gave me a bottle of water as I left the lab to boost up my energy!)  For some reason, I don’t like watching the needle go in my arm, but I’m fine with everything else.

When I was with my prior medical group, they had an onsite lab that would process your bloodwork instantly.  By the time I drove the five miles home from the doctor’s office, I’d have an email with some of my results.  This new office will send results within a few days.  I hope I can wait that long.  Kidding.