Freckling the 60 Blog

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Freckles are like seasoning for your face.  They make you spicy.

Have you heard?  Buzz Feed is reporting that tattooing freckles on your face is a trend.  What the what?

I grew up with freckles.  They were more prominent in my teen years when we used to sit in the sun, spray lemon juice in our hair, and slather baby oil on our skin.  We would turn over only when the radio DJ told us it was time to do that, and we all reveled in the progress our tans (or burns, as the case may be) made throughout the summer.

In grade school, I remember one of my teachers, Mrs. Fitzgerald, remarking that I sometimes looked more Irish than she did because of my freckles and light skin.  I was a natural brunette (now, it’s not so natural!) and my freckles really stood out.  I think we were learning nationalities at the time, and I was given the Irish nickname of Corinne.  Oh, the things you remember.

But tattooing freckles?  According to, the cost is about $250.  And if you look at some of the pictures online, they’re downright scary.  Not pretty.  They even showcase rainbow freckles!  One person commented:  “The rainbow freckles are like you have fruity pebble blackheads.”  Check out the pictures here.  Buzz Feed article re freckles

The Today show says:  “there’s nothing more adorable than a smattering of freckles, but some people may ask why women with naturally freckle-free skin would want to permanently ink them on their faces.”  Many women simply like the cute, fresh aesthetic that freckles can add to your look.  It can bring “a certain youth to the face,” but part of it may also be the “grass-is-greener” mentality.  “People want what they don’t have!”

Tattoo artist Mo Southern shares that, though they look simple, freckle tattoos are tricky to get just right.  The right shade of freckle has to be matched to the skin tone.  Everyone needs a different shade and tone to make it look natural.   “You have to match the right shade of freckle to the skin,” Southern explains.  “Every single person needs a different shade and tone to make it look natural.”

Also, to look real, the freckles can’t just be dots applied in a uniform pattern across the face.  “They have to be a wide array of shapes, sizes, and darkness.”   When first applied, the freckles will look darker and the surrounding skin will be slightly inflamed.  But after they heal, they blend into the skin and look completely natural.

So what do you think?  Some things are just meant to be natural.  Freckles, yes.  Hair color, hell no!